Kenneth Matiba, once a prominent politician associated with the struggle for the re-introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya, is now an ailing old man in a wheelchair. He has sued the government for illegal detention, which caused his present illness. A tribute.

The film is an indictment of those people who waged an illegal and criminal war on Iraq, and succeeds in conveying the anti-war spirit of 2003 by documenting and charting a crucial moment in the left's efforts to organise in order to stop the war.

The film describes the fight for democracy and socio-economic justice in the tiny sub-Saharan country through the eyes of Bheki Dlamini, a young activist and leading member of Swaziland’s largest banned political party

Museums allow objects to speak, to bear witness to past experiences and future possibilities and thus to reflect on how things are and how things might otherwise be.

They didn’t ask my creed

Even though waging a war against my God.

They didn’t ask my village

Even though waging a war against my tongue.

I have breasts

That was all they asked.

They didn’t ask about my dreams

Even though I was taken from my school.

They didn’t ask about my crush

Though that would have been my grave.

I am a lost girl

Is anyone looking for me?

We are the lost girls

Will we once again be more