A new batch of articles is now available on the Africultures English website. Olivier Barlet's Editorial "The endogenous gaze"; "Karmen Geï" by Joseph Gaye Ramaka (Senegal), film review by A Mensah; "You have to be inside something to change it": Interview with Simon Njami, "Nigeria: the photographic giant", by Erika Nimis; "Koudou, the foiled-tographer", by Ananias Leki, Ivoirian photographer; "Lomé's street photographers have got the blues" by Guy Hersant; "Press photographers in Beni...read more

This book offers analysis on critical issues on the International Sustainable Development Agenda as well as inviting key major group representatives to look at the reasons for slow progress so far in addressing those issues. A New Deals purpose is to focus attention on the Summit and to engage a wider global community around the summit in 2002 in an effort to advance the sustainable development agenda.

The Belgian-Swiss airline consortium Sabena/Swissair has announced an embargo on the transport of "coltan and all related minerals" from all points of the company's operations in eastern Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda), airline industry sources told IRIN on Wednesday.

A Turkish doctor who was told 'bad things' would happen to him unless he stopped his campaign against torture says a new BMA book on human rights will help prevent the practice.

Medical ethics and human rights issues now command much more attention in the medical profession and society. This is why the British Medical Association decided to take a look at the complex interface between medical practitioners and possible abuses of human rights.