A new batch of articles is now available on the Africultures English website. Check out the exclusive interview with Nobel Prize winner, Wole

Their home page is sub-titled:"Communication Interventions for Sustainable Development". Here are some links from the "Books and Materials" section.

Faced with changing economic conditions and more competition, nonprofit organizations are increasingly being pressed to measure and report their outcomes to funders and other constituents. At the same time, service organizations are becoming aware of the need to create feedback loops involving constituents as a way of improving their services. How nonprofits measure the impact of their work is the subject of "Outcome Measurement in Nonprofit Organizations: Current Practices and Recommendation...read more

Restructuring and Resistance charts some of the rapid changes in social, political and economic relations which have been occurring in western European society, and the new conflicts which are emerging at the heart of these changes. The particular focus is the last twenty years of the European Unification process. The book is the voices of many different people directly involved in diverse grassroots struggles and processes of social change from across (mainly) western Europe. 77 chapters fro...read more

UNESCO has published a database of more than 600 human rights research and training institutions world-wide on the Internet. This database is the electronic version of the World Directory of Human Rights Research and Training Institutions. Searches on the database may be performed in English, French and Spanish.