Report on the fourth biennial conference of Standing Conference of African National and University Librarians - Eastern, Central and Southern (SCANUL-ECS). The theme of the meeting, which took place in Windhoek, Namibia in April 2000, was Sustainable Funding of African National and University Libraries.

Transparency International, the world's first anti-corruption NGO is hosting an Anti-Corruption Film Festival, to run concurrently with the 10th International Anti-Corruption Film Festival, 06-08 October 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Reviews data from Demographic and Health Surveys in 11 countries in the region. This compilation of data and analysis focuses on adolescents ages 15 to 19. The chart book examines the factors that are critical for young people's healthy transition to adulthood.

Frontier Issues in Economic Thought - A series of books by G-DAE (Global Development & Environment Institute). Offers a concise, accessible introduction to innovative new work that is expanding the frontiers of economics. Each volume includes short 2-to 5-page summaries of over 70 key articles and book chapters.

Workbook: Public participation in Local Government. A Framework for Action, comes at the right time to transform the theory of public participation into practice at grass roots level. The Workbook presents a reader friendly training guide and toolkit for the application of public participation on the local government level in South Africa.