Arms Control Policy in a Time Warp, Nina Tannenwald; Alive and Kicking: The Greatly Exaggerated Death of Nuclear Deterrence, Response by J. Peter Scoblic; The New Business of War: Small Arms and the Proliferation of Conflict William Hartung.

Visit the Photoshare Gallery to see 115 new photos from various countries in Africa. You may request these photos for print materials and presentations. All photos available free for nonprofit educational use.

The exhibition will be held at the School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London. Monday 30 April – Tuesday 8 May.The art was produced by participants at SVTG art workshops, organised as part of the SVTG rehabilitation programme. The works to be exhibited were produced in February 2000 and have already been exhibited at the American University in Cairo and in Geneva as part of the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

Hosted by the University of Natal, the DISA project aims "to make accessible to scholars and researchers world-wide, South African material of high socio-political interest which would otherwise be difficult to locate and use." As part of that effort, DISA has recently announced the online availability of three South African journals: _Clarion Call_ (1982-91), _Pro Veritae_ (1962-77), and _Sas_ (1956-90). The journals page also lists a large number of additional titles that will be made more

Welcome to a post-mortem of and a critical look at Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) in Africa together with a proposed new recipe to make them better, avoiding their (sometimes now judged clumsy) pitfalls. Overall, I see the Report as an apology for market-based reforms, because the authors truly believe them to be the best option. In doing the latter, the Report tacitly calls on Western donors and on the private foreign investors to rethink their strategies and to support countries more