Welcome to a post-mortem of and a critical look at Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) in Africa together with a proposed new recipe to make them better, avoiding their (sometimes now judged clumsy) pitfalls. Overall, I see the Report as an apology for market-based reforms, because the authors truly believe them to be the best option. In doing the latter, the Report tacitly calls on Western donors and on the private foreign investors to rethink their strategies and to support countries that...read more

A top-flight German football club has suspended one of its star players following revelations that he owns the MV Etireno, the ship allegedly involved in the trafficking of child-workers off the west African coast last month.

"Towards an International Criminal Procedure". Christoph Safferling, Assistant Professor in the Law Faculty, University of Hannover. "International Criminal Law A Commentary on the Rome Statute for an International Criminal Court" Edited by Judge Antonio Cassese, Professor of International Law.

Lettre d'information 16/2001

The Zimbabwe International Book Fair, the largest and most important book fair in Sub-Saharan Africa, is held annually during the first week of August in the beautiful Harare sculpture gardens. This year's theme: Transformation.