A call for book chapters on the legacy of Fidel Castro in Africa. 

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A call for book chapters on the on-going relationship between China and Africa.

Foreign apathy towards African notions of being and belonging might be destroying African families living in Western societies.


On 13 July 2018, the 84th birthday of Olumo Wole Soyinka, the 1986 Nobel Laureate for Literature, I honour him by revisiting a debate that is raging on the Internet over what many call my misreading of his work, especially with reference to my interpretation of his play, Death and King’s Horseman. Literary experts have been marvelling about the “Author’s Note” that accompanies Death and the King’ more

The author argues that soccer is a global phenomenon with enormous political and economic potential, and those who invest massively in it, will reap great economic, social, political and cultural benefits.