The publication of the list raises serious concerns for due process, including proper time and opportunity to contest the designation and the right to be informed.

Despite the bravado routinely displayed by government officials and their backers every time a deadly al Shabaab attack happens, in reality the Somali-based terrorist group has fully exposed Kenya’s deep security weaknesses. Now everyone lives in mortal fear.

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Kenya’s counter-terrorism strategies are woefully ineffective and counterproductive, as the repeated murderous attacks show. Only sound approaches and implementation of long-delayed security sector reforms will protect the people from the al-Shabaab menace.

Some say the tree of corruption in Kenya was planted by Jomo Kenyatta, watered by Moi, looked after by Kibaki and its fruits are now being harvested by the government of Uhuru Kenyatta.

A third woman has reported Standard Group journalist and PEN Kenya Secretary General Tony Mochama to Nairobi's Central Police Station for alleged sexual assault. The alleged assault occurred on September 21st 2014, at the National Museum, during the Westgate Memorial Service of Storymoja Hay Festival. The OB Number is 74/17/3/2015.