The rate of severe malnutrition among Somali child refugees in northeastern Kenya has risen by 172 percent in the last six months, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Tuesday.

President Daniel arap Moi and his ruling party have been buying votes by pumping money into traditional fund-raisers that have long been used to raise financing for public development, an advocacy group said Monday.

Killer AIDS has orphaned over one million children in Kenya. Millions more, affected by the epidemic in other ways, are being forced, due to lack of adequate state support to drop out of school and seek often-dangerous work on the streets in order to care for ill parents.

Environmentalists in Kenya have threatened court action to stop the filming of the American television show "Survivor Series III" that formally begins on July 1 and runs to September 30. They accuse the filmmakers of damaging the fragile ecosystem of Shaba National Reserve in the semi-arid eastern province of Kenya.

Millions of shillings raised in harambees in the country every month are never monitored nor audited by government officials because of laxity and apathy, a study reveals.