As reported in the April issue of the Korogocho Times, the Project launched a women's project on 21st May, 2001. A total of 8 women are now with the project and as result a new line of products have been introduced to best utilize the women's skills. These include beaded chains, bracelets, earrings with wildlife carvings from bones and wood, necklaces, tie and dye, and beaded belts.

A Muslim leader yesterday opposed the Equality Bill, saying it contradicted religious teachings. The deputy director-general of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, Mr Adan Wachu, claimed that gender equality was "not an issue" among Muslims. He insisted that even if the Bill is passed by Parliament, it should not be allowed to apply to Muslim women as "the Quran has it own way of dealing with marriage, succession, adoption, divorce and abortion."

With health inspection in Kenya not quite a priority, pharmacists and shop owners are a making a killing from sales of banned anti-malaria medicines. In dispensing chemists and general shops, chloroquine, malariaquine and dawaquine once used in the past as first line treatment tablets in malaria management - but now prescription drugs - are openly sold in spite of official ban.

President Daniel arap Moi on Monday brought opposition leader Raila Odinga into his cabinet, Kenyan radio reported. In a cabinet reshuffle, Moi appointed Odinga - leader of the National Development Party (NDP), which had recently established a partnership with the ruling Kenya African National Union (KANU) - as Energy Minister. Another NDP member, Adhu Owiti, was appointed Planning Minister, in what was the first time the first time KANU has been joined in cabinet by members of other parties.

A bull called Mwalimu helped save the lives of hundreds of cattle in Kenya's Baringo District during a recent drought. Mwalimu means "teacher" in Swahili and this bull taught other cattle to do something that does not come naturally to them - eat cactus.