The Kenya Coalition for Access to Essential Medicines on Sunday called on US Secretary of State Colin Powell, visiting Nairobi slum areas during an official visit to the Kenyan capital, to prevail upon the US government to mobilise serious political and financial resources to fight HIV/AIDS and to ensure affordable treatment. "We are asking you and the US government to support HIV treatment for Africans by providing greater funds to fight this global epidemic and by supporting generic [drugs] more

A Canadian mining company may lose its operating license to mine titanium if Kenyan members of parliament pass a motion seeking to establish whether it is operating according to international and local environmental standards. If passed, this would be yet another obstacle on the path of Tiomin Kenya Limited since it was awarded a license to mine titanium at the Kenyan Coast. Tiomin Kenya is a wholly owned local subsidiary of Canadian mining firm, Tiomin Resources Inc.

The list of debtors at state-controlled Kenya Commercial Bank includes names of some of the country's top political and business elite. Among leading debtors causing the bank concern is a firm called Lima Limited, whose directors are listed as Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott and President Moi's son Gideon.

Research funded by the Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) has found that 90 percent of respondents displaced by tribal land clashes feared to return home due to ongoing hostility, the Catholic NGO reported on Friday. Land clashes directly linked to the 1992 and 1997 multi-party elections in Kenya had prompted JRS to commission research to assess the situation of those displaced by the clashes and to identify warning signs that portended violence, it said.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell on Saturday urged Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi to step aside next year, when his term of office finishes under the constitution, and to let a new president be elected, the 'New York Times' reported. President Moi sidestepped direct questions as to whether he would stand again, saying that the destiny of Kenya was in the hands of the people themselves.