The Presbyterian Church wants Kenyans to vote out the current government in the coming general election for its failure to take stronger action against pollution and the destruction of water catchment areas. A hard hitting statement issued by the church’s General Assembly said it was "raising very serious concern about the pollution of environment where uncollected garbage continues to pollute our city and urban towns."

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Denmark will not increase aid before the government makes significant improvement on governance and the fight against graft, it announced last week.

Proposing radical environmental protection measures, Kenyan members of Parliament Wednesday launched an attack against the government accusing it of systematically destroying forests and taking a casual attitude towards conservation.

Aid agencies in Kenya have warned that the international community is responding inadequately to a drought crisis. They say that despite more than four million Kenyans being at risk of starvation there have been few pledges of aid to an appeal for $89 million by the Kenyan Government and the U.N.'s World Food Program (WFP).