Cows are central to the lives of the nomadic herdsmen who have been deeply disturbed by news that hundreds of thousands of livestock have been killed in faraway Britain in a bid to stamp out an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.

President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya has said African states must work together to meet the challenges posed by globalisation.

International conservationists are urging the Kenyan government to scrap plans to turn more than 67,000 hectares of prime forest into human settlements.

(March 13, 2001) Kenyan Environment Minister Francis Nyenze says that the organizations involved in the campaign to save the country's forests are "playing with the psychology of Kenyans."

March 12, 2001 Nairobi, Kenya (Pana) - Alarmed by a typhoid and malaria outbreak which has so far claimed over 90 lives and continues unabated, residents of Embu town, Kenya's Eastern provincial capital, conducted a general sanitation exercise on Saturday.