It is fortuitous that a seemingly innocent request for data by the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Professor Jerry Gana, may yet unravel the deep-rooted scam in the yearly federal budget.

NIGERIA on Monday became the first developing country to contribute to a new global fund to tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide. At a press conference here on the first day of a three-day special session convened by the United Nations General Assembly to discuss ways of tackling the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, President Olusegun Obasanjo announced a US$10 million donation to the fund on behalf of the Nigerian people and government.

Several people have been killed and hundreds displaced in a fresh outbreak of fighting in central Nigeria between members of the Tiv ethnic group and neighbouring Hausa speakers, AFP reported on Thursday.

The Nigerian National HIV Vaccine Plan is the national strategy for developing a vaccine that addresses HIV strains peculiar to Nigeria and the West African sub-region. A product of a consultative process including a consensus workshop held in Abuja in February, the national vaccine plan will guide the vaccine development process in Nigeria. A draft copy of this strategic document is now available on the Nigeria-AIDS website.

Writers from around the world, who are under threat of persecution, may soon be able to find sanctuary in Nigeria.