On account of population pressures and diseases that are affecting Uganda’s coffee, maize, banana and cassava production, GMOs are necessary to address the food insecurity and hidden hunger in the country

China-Africa relations was the subject of a recent debate on Twitter with US-based Kenyan scholar Calestous Juma. Prof Juma blames Africa for its development problems, saying nothing about the West’s imperialist looting and destabilization of African nations, particularly in panic reaction to China’s growing presence.

Kenya’s farmers produce enormous wealth for the country yet are largely poor. They must reject the farming model that keeps them perpetually poor, indebted, frustrated into alcoholism, domestic violence and seek trade justice

Pambazuka News invites articles on the vexed question of GMOs and food sovereignty in Africa to help readers make sense of the debate in order to effectively play their roles as citizens

With all the progress made so far, and with new scientific evidence and medical tools providing hope that the epidemic can finally be brought under control, there needs to be a sustained effort and a scale up of investment to make this hope a reality.