South Africa

South Africa is attempting to act as a bridge between the United States and the developing world as Washington attempts to build a global coalition to fight international terrorism.

A confidential South African health ministry document has warned that President Thabo Mbeki's much-criticised Aids policies are "increasingly politically dangerous" and "unacceptable from a human rights perspective".

A conference, to be held in the Kruger National Park in October, will focus on international trends in agricultural research, modern methods of farming and available technologies, and the transformation and governance of higher education in South Africa.

Rising death rates in South Africa due to HIV/AIDS have led to the creation of a makeshift funeral industry, Newsweek reports. Many "fly-by-night undertakers," who are unlicensed and operate out of storefronts, compete to make funeral arrangements and leave bodies to decompose while they search for the cheapest means of disposal, creating a health hazard and raising costs to the government.

Discussions on migrants' rights in relation to racist, discriminative or xenophobic practices against them coming to good terms. A special spokeswoman on migrants' rights at the World Conference Against Racism assessed the substantial progress made in the realm of migrant rights before the migrant caucus, where representatives from organisations from all around the world were present.