South Africa

The HIV positive women can now use the IUD contraceptive.Research into the effects and merits of use of the contraception. Researchers at the Family Health International ran trials on 156 women in Kenya and observed them at specified intervals. The results indicated that there were very little difference in side effects if any between HIV positive and HIV negative women.

Love, in South Africa, can be a dangerous game for girls. Boys use violence in sexual relationships to assert their masculinity. The reliance by some boys, however, on excessive control of girlfriends belies their own vulnerability. How can the ‘normality’ of sexual violence be challenged?

Pebble Bed Molecular Reactors (PBMR) are nuclear power stations which embrace technology that has proved dangerous in other regions on the planet. Despite this, the South African government is supporting a plan to build PBMR reactors throughout the country. campaign against this plan is detailed on their website.

The Washington Post newspaper reported on Thursday that the United States had again threatened to boycott next month's United Nations conference on racism in Durban, South Africa.

In a country where almost 70 % of schools are still without computers, SchoolNet SA has carved out a niche not just by making technology more available, but by focusing on historically disadvantaged schools.