South Africa

The black population of South Africa is still at a disadvantage in access to media, conclude the authors of this scholarly paper on the relationship between media and democracy.

Independent schools are not the exclusive enclave of the wealthy, but cater to many different communities, writes Jane Hofmeyer in a recent issue of Independent Education magazine.

Greetings to you, I really like to thank you for the interesting newsletter that you are sending to me. I find it very informative and and more so out of this world. Please keep up the good work of enlightening the civil society of Africa and the rest of the world on issues of concern. I real appreciate your vision and insight to make the world a tiny web (globalisation).

Parliamentary report points to the urgency of handling backlog of cases, most dating to 1998. The controversial special investigating unit, of which the new boss will be known next week, has its work cut out.

New legislation provides for the exemption of public benefit organizations carrying out approved public benefit activities. In addition to the tax exemption benefits enjoyed by NPOs, local donors will also benefit. ’An extended category of qualifying public benefit organizations provides the donor with a wider selection of organizations to which tax deductible donations may be made.‘