South Africa

People accessing Soul City are significantly more likely to discuss HIV/AIDS with someone close to them. The more elements [TV, radio, print] of Soul City that people access the more likely they are to have a dialogue and debate on HIV/AIDS issues. 39% of people accessing 3 elements of Soul City discussed HIV/AIDS with friend or family and 36% of those that accessed 2 elements. This compares with 21% of those with no exposure to Soul City.

The launch of the Greater Nelspruit Rape Intervention Project - the inappropriately acronymed Grip - was heartily welcomed by the police, courts and doctors in South Africa's eastern province of Mpumalanga last year. But Grip fell foul of the authorities with another of its services. The organisation ensured that women were swiftly given access to anti-retroviral drugs, paid for by donations. The Mpumalanga provincial health minister, Sibongile Manana, was outraged. She said President Thabo more

EISA has recently published this innovative CD Rom as a comprehensive resource on the local government election process in South Africa. In order to allow as many people as possible to access this important resource EISA has set up a website housing much of this information in an online format. Users wishing to buy the full version of the e-book, complete with video clips, full text reference of legislation and detailed analysis of election issues may do so by accessing the website and more

This is the first opportunity to really check out your newsletter and have to say it is absolutely fantastic. What a resource!

The National Land Committee is a network of land reform NGO's providing assistance and support to rural communities across South Africa who are seeking access to land. The national office of the NLC, which is based in Johannesburg, is seeking a person to coordinate its National Gender Programme.