South Africa

The Non Profit Partnership (NPP) is an NPO committed to supporting democratic transformation by strengthening the financial sustainability of the non-profit sector in South Africa. The NPP provides a range of creative services to NPO’s. These include providing information and advice, establishing income-generating services and lobbying for relevant legislative and financial policy changes.

According to a 'Sunday Independent' report, clinical trials conducted in Johannesburg and Cape Town have shown that despite poverty and scarce clinical resources, antiretrovirals can be used successfully by poor people. These findings come after the government's repeated refusal to offer antiretroviral therapy to all saying the majority of South Africans were poor and would misuse the drugs.

A South African land protest which raised fears of Zimbabwe-style chaos has been halted peacefully by bailiffs who tore down newly built shacks with crowbars. But with hundreds of families claiming to have been homeless in sub-zero temperatures, the African National Congress government faced new accusations that it was neglecting the poor.

The Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising SAIF) presents the following Workshops:

23,24,25 July
Training the Trainer in Resource Mobilisation

6 August
Donor Marketing - Cause Related Marketing
6,7,8 August
Resource Mobilisation Workshop in Cape Town

7 August
Dealing with the Media Workshop

15,16,17 August
Resource Mobilisation Workshop

Veterans of the African National Congress' (ANC) former military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), intend reactivating dormant gold and coal mines in Mpumalanga province to create jobs and wealth for unemployed liberation struggle soldiers, African Eye News Service reported on Wednesday.