South Africa

News and comment on South Africa's Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel Report.

CORRUPTION governs a South Africa led by people who are not serious about fighting it, and steps have to be taken to ensure the country does not "go the same way" as Third World Africa, says graft-busting Judge Willem Heath. Heath, the controversial head of the special investigating unit, said the government was not dedicated in the fight against corruption.

South Africa's indigenous people, known as Khoisan, are demanding better treatment from the country's government.

In schools across South Africa, thousands of girls of every race and economic group are encountering sexual violence and harassment that impede their access to education, Human Rights Watch charged in a report released this week.

South Africa's Health Department has ordered 1.4 million female condoms, the Chicago-based Female Health Company said yesterday, bringing the number ordered since 1996 to more than 5 million.