South Africa

(Johannesburg, March 27, 2001) In schools across South Africa, thousands of girls of every race and economic group are encountering sexual violence and harassment that impede their access to education, Human Rights Watch charged in a report released today.

12 April 2001 - this all day workshop is a must for anyone starting out in the fundraising profession. You will be given insights into new trends in fundraising and the fundraising cycle; the importance of planning to fundraise, how to identify potential donors and how to write corporate proposals, plus lots more information on income generation. Full details and booking forms from SAIF National Centre 011 884 0351 or email.

A delegation of over 40 American fundraising specialists is coming to SA to facilitate the transference of expertise. There will be a full days programme of presentations and discussion groups on all aspects of fundraising, facilitated by both American and South African specialists, leading towards an exchange of ideas and information.

Holds regular monthly self-help group meetings, in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth & Potchefstroom. If you stutter or have a family member or friend who stutters and would like to join a self-help group near you, please contact the Speakeasy National Office for details on 011 883 0292 or email.

European parliamentarians have passed an emergency resolution calling on 39 pharmaceuticals firms to drop their lawsuit against the South African government over a law aimed at opening the way for cheaper AIDS drug production.