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In the light of the UN climate conference (COP21) taking place in Paris, France, this week we bring you a special issue of Pambazuka News dedicated to the urgent climate crisis.

The collection of articles in this edition is the work of Carbon Trade Watch, working with several specialist individuals and organisations over the course of several months. The articles have recently been published as a booklet that is available at the website.

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A world that capital is constantly trying to bifurcate between a monolithic society and a monolithic nature – and partially succeeding – is one of the worlds we occupy. For that very reason it must be one of the targets of popular struggle.


The need to talk about the real causes of climate change and capitalism, the transformation of production and consumption fueled by oil addiction, social and environmental justice, democracy and the rights of nature is gaining momentum globally. At least two-thirds of proven fossil fuels must be left underground in order to avoid social and environmental disasters.


False solutions are a way to turn away from real alternatives to the global environmental crisis. The true path requires transforming a society of petro-addicts, curbing the rise in world consumption of cars, and questioning the energy-intensive Global North and its historical responsibilities for global emissions.


Are people standing up to corporate power, shutting down the polluters and building and defending their own solutions to climate change? Yes. Is it time for the rest to stand up in solidarity and do the same? Yes.