Proposing radical environmental protection measures, Kenyan members of Parliament Wednesday launched an attack against the government accusing it of systematically destroying forests and taking a casual attitude towards conservation.

U.S. President George W. Bush, trying to burnish his badly tarnished environmental image in advance of Earth Day, announced here Thursday that the United States will sign the UN Convention to ban or severely restrict persistent organic pollutants (POPs), such as DDT and dioxins.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman of energy major Royal Dutch/Shell, has said that once he retires from his post in June he will lead a group of corporations in getting their positions on sustainable development heard by countries at the ten year review of Unite Nations' Earth Summit in Johannesburg next year.

Although there is no "famine" in the Horn of Africa, the people are hungry and destitute, and the situation is becoming increasingly precarious, reports Stephanie Baric from Danyere, Kenya.

Human modification and destruction of the planet's coastal zone is endangering marshes, estuaries, coral reefs and mangrove forests that provide a host of ecosystem services to humans, warns a new study released today. These services are vital - flood protection, water filtration, nursery habitat for fish and other species.