According to information received by OMCT, an assembly of approximately 100 women met peacefully in front of the French embassy, in the early morning of June 11th 2001, with the intention to hand over a letter of protest regarding the “complicity of France in the electoral hold-up of May 20th 2001” to the French
Ambassador. It is reported that the police forces brutally put a halt to the assembly by throwing grenades at the women. Among the 14 injured, 4 are allegedly seriously hurt. more

The Organization of Angolan Women - OMA is the women's wing of the Popular Movement of the Liberation Angola (MPLA) and has over one and a half million members now. It represents the determination of the women of Angola. We started the "Pennies for Angola" campaign in response to the intense attacks against the Angolan people in 1999 by UNITA, a rebel organization attacking those (mainly women) who do the planting of food in the rural areas.

United Nations INSTRAW-GAINS is pleased to invite you to join its collaborative programme on: Men's roles and responsibilities in ending gender-based violence. This programme has two collaborative activities: An e-mail based VIRTUAL SEMINAR SERIES and a set of WORKING PAPERS.

There is a new publication of Women's NGO Networks in Nigeria: "Providing Reproductive Health Information and Services; Promoting Reproductive Rights". This profile documents the significant contributions of women's NGO networks in Nigeria that provide reproductive health information and services and/or promote reproductive rights.

Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) is pleased to announce the launch of our new website WLP is a non-profit organization working to empower women and girls in the Global South through leadership training, capacity-building, and helping women generate as well as receive information and knowledge.