The Ministry of Health (MOH) is now fully committed to ensuring that trainee nurses at all the midwifery and nurses training institutes become computer literate on completion of their study programmes.

The Commission for Gender Equality has put the land restitution programme at the top of its agenda for the coming gender summit to be held in August.

First Bank Nigeria Plc, one of the oldest and largest banks in Nigeria recently announced a policy banning married couples from working in its employment. The Bank directed that it would retain only one partner out of a married couple working with it. Its reason was that the Bank was undergoing reorganisation and repositioning under a new management and there was a need for discipline and efficiency. First Bank Nigeria Plc announced that the affected persons would be adequately more

Children fleeing fighting in Liberia's Lofa County and separated from their families are vulnerable to attacks by rebel and government forces while girls and women are being raped, Save the Children UK reported on Wednesday.

Women for Change executive director Emily Sikazwe has condemned the practice by politicians to use women as mere tools in politics. Speaking during yesterday's national Development Review Forum at Lusaka's Intercontinental Hotel, Sikazwe said women had continued to be marginalised even though they played a major role in putting politicians into power.