This brief previews the forthcoming publication on the Phase I achievements and projects of the Gender and Economic Reforms in Africa (GERA) Program. It highlights 13 projects carried out in 10 African countries as well as the GERA approach to gender equality and economic justice.

Statement by the Women's Caucus of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA). In order to ensure that a gender perspective will be included in the forthcoming UN World Conference on Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons In All Its Aspects July 9-20, 2001, The Women's Caucus of the International Action Network on Small Arms [IANSA] has prepared a statement showing how the world's women and girls are affected by the proliferation and diffusion of small arms. They would more

Provide leadership and technical expertise to develop and guide technical assistance, communications, and policy advocacy projects and programs on global HIV/AIDS.
Contact: Michael J. Lavelline

The European Campaign on Women Asylum Seekers is launched to draw attention to the type of persecution women experience and by doing so to exert pressure on Member State governments and the European institutions to develop a gender-sensitive European Policy on Asylum, in which women can claim asylum in their own right, based on their own experience of persecution as legitimate reasons for seeking and obtaining asylum in any of the EU Member States.

This compilation of 'information sheets' and 'funding sheets' has been prepared to raise awareness and gives an overview of European strategies and actions on the growing problem of trafficking in women. It covers elements common to various types of trafficking in human beings and concentrates on the issue of trafficking in women.