Women delegates from 53 African countries are taking part in a conference on peace and development in Tripoli, Libya this week. Delegates are expected to exchange information and experiences on the role of African women regarding the African Union and the elimination of all obstacles to development on the continent.

A Summit of African First Ladies on Global Movement for children in Marrakech, Morocco ended yesterday (Sunday April 22). The summit, which is deliberating on matters affecting the movement of children globally, lasted 3 days. Analysts see this move as a new initiative with the view of attracting the world's attention to the United Nations General Assembly Special Summit on Children, which is scheduled for September this year.

Women produce 60 to 80% of the food in most developing countries and this percentage is growing. In 1950 women performed almost 40% of agricultural work, today the figure is close to 50%. In sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, women provide 80% of staple foods, in Asia they perform 90% of the work in rice fields.

Women journalists in Eastern and Central Africa have launched their own news Web site to counter what they see as bias in Western and male-dominated news.

Seventy-five women in northern Benin have vowed to give up female genital mutilation (FGM) following an awareness campaign initiated by a group of NGOs.