The Forum for African Women Educationalists, (FAWE) Ghana chapter has expressed dismay about the way the mass media report defilement cases. FAWE says it was time the media stopped reporting rape cases and human right abuses with "glee" to entice their readers and listeners.

New testimonies by refugees returning from Guinea to Sierra Leone, through the "safe passage through rebel-held territory", prove the systematic rape of Sierra Leonean women by RUF terrorists/rebels. The rebels "said they were not going to kill us, but that they would use us until they would be satisfied," one woman who was gang raped reported.

The Council for Economic Empowerment of Women of Africa, Uganda chapter (CEEWA-U) with support from International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is implementing an Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) Project to promote Community Economic Empowerment. The main objective of the project is to enable women entrepreneurs and women organisations that promote enterprise development to explore ways and means of exploiting ICTs for community economic empowerment.

Following more than four years of coordinated studies in ten African countries, The North-South Institute have launched Demanding Dignity: Women Confronting Economic Reforms in Africa. A groundbreaking and innovative study of African women’s struggles to deal with gender-bias in financial and economic policies, the 300-page volume covers 13 case studies in the countries of Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Chad and Ghana.

Female Zambian politicians this week are holding a conference in Lusaka to define a strategy on how to rise the percentage of women candidates in the forthcoming Zambian legislative and presidential elections. Hurdles for women candidates are observed as being high.