She was among the most well-known Muslim feminists and her courageous writings sought to undermine the ideological and political systems that silence and oppress women. Her influential pieces were well crafted and accessible to thousands of minds across the Muslim world and beyond.


We urgently need to stop the expansion of exploitation. How? By echoing the feminists of the 80s: “We have the right to say NO!” We need to build a plan towards de-growth and deceleration. And, of course, by practicing alternatives to the patriarchal capitalist machine.

Madagascar is one of 27 countries around the world which continues to deny women the ability to confer citizenship on their children on an equal basis with men. Twenty MPs have committed to reform the current law.


Women’s roles in violent extremism are diverse and complex. Traditional stereotypes only create a misleading picture. Counter-extremism strategies are unlikely to yield expected results unless women are factored in.

On October 10, 2015, women, men and children watched with horror and disgust as various media outlets aired the degrading treatment of a woman from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) during her arrest by Uganda Police.