Capitalism is at the root of corruption in Ghana. The desperation to make money at all costs is now the way of life. Everything thing depends on how much one can afford, as the state does not take its own social responsibility to its citizens seriously


The Insight newspaper is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Its contribution to the democratization of Ghana and its founder’s indefatigable spirit are outstanding


The US embassy in Accra has been heavily influencing Ghana’s Biosafety Committee. There is nothing safe in entrusting Ghana’s agriculture in the hands of a Committee that remains unknown to the public and who have vested interests in genetically modified colonialism


The only people who need genetically engineered crops are the foreign seed and agrochemical companies and their stockholders. They are the ones pushing this highly risky venture in Ghana. They should be resisted

The recent elections point to the increasing legitimation of liberal democracy and suggest a political culture that seems to reiterate Nkrumah’s belief that “the black man is capable of managing his own affairs”