There is an amazing and wonderful thing that happens in the darkest times. Right now, most of the people of the United States and many throughout the world are asking themselve the definitive question of all nonprofit work: How can I make a difference?

The Information and Communication Network (ComNet) has just published the third publication of its capacity building guide series, Dealing with Advocacy – A Practical Guide, written by Ms. Joke van Kampen. It contains detailed chapters on the necessity of NGOs to deal with advocacy, how to develop an advocacy strategy, the advantages of forming coalitions and how to incorporate advocacy into your everyday work. All three guides are available online.

Interested in how nonprofits are using email to reach stakeholders? The Gilbert Center surveyed 900 nonprofit organizations to find out.

Engaging in online community outreach is more than just putting up a Web site; it involves planning and acting strategically, finding and posting to appropriate Internet discussion groups, sending e-mails directly to current and potential customers, perhaps even starting your agency's own online community of volunteers, supporters and others. Online outreach must be proactive, interactive and ongoing. It needs to be nutured and fully supported, just as with all your offline interactions ( more

Human Rights ought to become the common language of humanity and all organs of society have a duty to get the message out. It is when people are aware of their rights that they can best defend them and respect the rights of others. Advocacy is about changing peoples minds and actualizing human rights values that are dear to society; it has the power to bring out voices, aspirations, thoughts and realities that otherwise would have no space in the prevailing public agenda. Human rights more