Do you find writing difficult? Are you having to write reports, documents, theses, or just memos? Do you find yourself staring at a blank sheet wondering how to begin? This interactive guide to effective writing takes you through the steps of defining your main message, deciding on who you are writing for, creating a structure, brainstorming and then ordering your ideas, developing a first draft, and then editing to make your writing clear, precise and likely to get results. The guide more

Tougher action must be taken against those who get embroiled in fraud schemes set up through letter and email networks, says an anti-corruption
group following the high-profile kidnapping of a British businessman allegedly caught up in such a scam.

The International Development Research Centre is holding a competition for Internship Awards this Fall. These awards provide exposure to research for international development through a program of training in research management and grant administration under the guidance of IDRC program staff. Internships are tenable for a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 12 months at IDRC headquarters in Ottawa or in a Regional Office. Candidates can be Canadians (or permanent residents) or citizens of more

The government of Kenya has announced its intention to import 300 million condoms as part of a new HIV/AIDS control campaign, due to be unveiled in three weeks' time, the 'Daily Nation' newspaper reported on Wednesday. The campaign would feature a policy of encouraging the accessibility, widespread distribution and use of condoms in a bid to reduce HIV infection among 15-25-year-olds by 30 percent in the next four years, the report stated.

The GAVI Immunization Advocacy Resource Kit is a collection of documents, video clips, and computer presentations which have proven useful when explaining about, and advocating for, stronger immunization programs. The online version of the Kit currently is posted on three websites. If one of them is slow to respond for you, try another!