A manual from Healthlink Worldwide (working to improve the health of poor and vulnerable communities by strengthening the provision, use and impact of information) contains practical information on all aspects of setting up and managing a resource centre.

As part of its exploration into "best practices" of nonprofit use of the Internet, the Benton Foundation has compiled a list of nonprofit advocacy organizations that make particularly good use of the Internet in their activities.

An online course from NetAction which includes "classes" on using email and the Web for outreach, organizing, advocacy, membership and fundraising.

Corruption is costing thousands of lives in poor countries and moves by the rich world to help alleviate the Aids pandemic must be accompanied by vigilance towards governments which steal from their own people, Transparency International (TI) said yesterday. The Berlin-based group's sixth "corruption perceptions index'' finds the highest standards of business and administrative practice in Finland and Denmark, and the lowest in Uganda, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

With health inspection in Kenya not quite a priority, pharmacists and shop owners are a making a killing from sales of banned anti-malaria medicines. In dispensing chemists and general shops, chloroquine, malariaquine and dawaquine once used in the past as first line treatment tablets in malaria management - but now prescription drugs - are openly sold in spite of official ban.