Paper from Hakikazi - Local Catalysts in Tanzania.

Charity Lobbying in the Public Interest is working to dispel the myths that lobbying by charities is unimportant, inappropriate, or illegal by providing information on the important role of lobbying in achieving an organization's mission. Please visit the areas below for detailed information on why lobbying is important, lobbying laws for organizations, how to lobby, and motivating others to lobby.

Canada has become the latest Western government to protest to Zimbabwe over the intimidatory behaviour towards its nationals by so-called "war veterans", who have targeted foreign employees in a rash of labour disputes.

A new report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, (FAO) projects that deaths caused by HIV/AIDS* in the ten most affected African countries will reduce the labour force by as much as 26 percent by 2020. The report estimates that since 1985 some 7 million agricultural workers have died from AIDS related diseases in 27 severely affected African countries. An estimated 16 million more deaths are reported likely in the next two decades. The report, prepared for the 27th Session of the more

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