What is Monitoring is now available on the HURIDOCS Web site. This practical manual is intended for documentalists and information workers of human rights organisations. It deals with the following issues: what is monitoring, purposes of monitoring, types of monitoring, methods of monitoring, and data analysis. This volume has been written by Manuel Guzman and Bert Verstappen. It is at the moment available only in English, and can be printed in HTML and PDF formats.

McSpotlight gives critical information and analysis on a wide range of topics and campaigns relating to Mcdonalds and other multinationals.

Comrades, We meet today at the start of an historic COSATU campaign, one with particular meaning for your union – that is, the anti-privatisation campaign initiated last week by the Central Executive Committee of your Federation.
This campaign must reverse the slow undermining of the democratic state, ensuring that it can play its full role in the social and economic development of our country and our communities.

Hundreds of Nigerian women and girls have been lured into prostitution in Europe and the Middle East, where they are vulnerable to abuse and violence. The following pages profile those who are campaigning to put an end to this insidious trade.

The Advocacy Project's newsletter 'On the Record' describes the drama of campaigns, and is distributed free of charge to thousands of subscribers.