Published by the Co-operative for Research and Education (CORE) US $40. 13 advocacy case studies from the region, dealing with issues including human rights, women's rights & political participation, rights of disabled people, land reform, civic education & election monitoring, HIV/AIDS, and landmines. Contact Phiroshaw Camay.

Provided by the Council of Europe/Danish Centre for Human Rights, 2000.

This is a technical assistance guide for evaluation in the field of human rights education and training. It presents different methods and data collection techniques for HRE programme evaluation, classroom-based assessments, teacher trainings and text field testing, including sample instruments and a bibliography of sources. This evaluation primer is designed for first-time readers and planners in the HRE field.

Please consider reading and signing this petition prepared by Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) and supported by Oxfam before April 15th, 2001.

The Chapter 2 Network is a clearinghouse of information and communication
for social justice issues in South Africa. Through its website, it provides
information about advocacy campaigns; training on Advocacy and lobbying,
including learning practical skills through the Advocacy game; research on
political intelligence, policy analysis and legislation monitoring and networking opportunities to interact with other civil society organisations who are engaged in social justice advocacy.