Eritrea on Monday rejected accusations by Ethiopia that it is mobilising troops in the buffer zone between the two countries, and that it is providing support to the Somali radical Islamic group Al-Ittihad.

The border commission charged with reaching mutual agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea on the demarcation of their common border began hearing the cases of the two countries in the Hague on Monday.

The Ethiopian Free Press Journalists' Association is expressing concern over the alarming increase in the harassment of journalists, who have been summoned to the Central Investigation Office and often sentenced to jail terms by the government.

Opposition political parties have strongly criticised the government's HIV/AIDS programme labelling it ineffective and calling on the government to declare a state of emergency as the only way to combat the spread of the disease.

Maternal mortality is a major challenge to global public health. But it is difficult to measure true maternal death rates at the community level, particularly in societies where most deliveries occur at home. What is the most accurate way to estimate maternal mortality in countries with limited resources and infrastructure?