The UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) has said it has established a board of inquiry to investigate and report on allegations of misconduct by members of the mission. The establishment of the board follows allegations appearing in Italian media that a former UNMEE peacekeeper was being investigated by the Italian military prosecutor's office over accusations of having allegedly had sex with underage girls while serving in the mission area.

The Tigray State (northern Ethiopia) police commission has released rape statistics for the region for this year, the pro-government Walta Information Centre reported on Wednesday. According to the statistics, 130 girls had been raped so far this year, said Walta.

The Ethiopian Federal Supreme Court has once again adjourned the trial of former senior government officials, including former Defence Minister Siye Abraha, on charges of corruption, the pro-government Walta Information Centre reported on 16 August.

The Federal High Court has ruled to block the personal and business accounts of a number of former government officials and private businessmen accused of corruption, local press reports said Wednesday.

Afework Tekle and Tebebe Yemane Brehan, received the most prestigious awards at St. John's College Cambridge University from the President of the American Biographical Institute (ABI) and from the Director General of International Biographical Center (IBC) at the 28th International Congress on Arts and communications, England held from 15th - 22nd July 2001.