A boost for Mozambique came on Monday when Sweden pledged US $14 million for rural agricultural development over the next three years, AFP reported.

Mozambique's ruling party, FRELIMO, on Monday announced Armando Guebuza as its candidate in the 2004 elections following President Joaquim Chissano's announcement earlier this year that he will not stand for a third term.

Analysts and NGO’s are sceptical about the generosity of debt relief for developing countries, especially in the case of Mozambique. While the country has been praised as a "star pupil" by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, one analyst points out that all this really means is that Mozambique is now seen as a 'good debtor' because for the first time it is actually paying what the international community demands. In recent years Mozambique has only been able to repay around more

About half a million Mozambicans are in need of food aid, a Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) joint assessment has found. The Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission visited Mozambique from 21 April to 10 May this year to evaluate the current situation and determine needs in the wake of a regional food crisis.

Two decades of war left Mozambique littered with land mines. One study by the Canadian De-mining Institute estimates that there are approximately two million land mines, covering 70 percent of Mozambique's territory. The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies puts the number at three million. The experience Mozambique has gained trying to remove these deadly reminders of war means Mozambique probably has some of "the most capable de-miners in the world," more