Mozambique has invited Norwegian businessmen to invest in the country, especially in the energy sector. In Maputo the energy sector is considered a strategic instrument in the fight against poverty and corruption.

The Mozambican army hopes to destroy the more than 30,000 landmines it still has in stock by next year, the National Institute for Demining (IND) said on Friday. A batch of 2,500 of the killer devices was destroyed on 19 April and
immediate plans are to destroy another 10,000 in the central and southern
regions, IND national director Artur Verissimo said.

The US has pledged to donate R30-million to ease Mozambicans health woes.

On Monday 11 March 2002, the libel case pursued by businessman Nyimpinhe Chissano, son of Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano, against journalist Marcelo Mosse and the now defunct newssheet "Metical", was postponed. This is the fifth time that the case has been postponed.

The Mozambican government has announced a partnership with Swedish Co-operation Agency in the Mosagrius Development Corporation.