COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WORKER, for community participation in HIV/AIDS prevention programmes
Salary : Local salary, home savings allowance, benefits package
Location : Near Chinoyi, Zimbabwe
Closing Date : 15 Jun 2001
Job posted on : 15 May 2001

The Zimbabwean government on Wednesday called an immediate halt to invasions of private businesses by self-styled war veterans, news reports said.
"This should cease forthwith as it constitutes the crimes of kidnapping and extortion," Home Affairs Minister John Nkomo was quoted as saying. So-far, the police have been singularly ineffective in halting the scores of urban raids by ruling party militants which began in early April, further threatening Zimbabwe's already ailing economy.

Several war veterans were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly extorting about US $25,000 from a private company under the pretext of solving a labour dispute, the state-controlled 'Herald' reported. Also arrested were 10 employees of the unnamed firm. All those arrested were expected to appear in court on Thursday. Joseph Chinotimba, chairperson of the ruling party-linked war veterans in Harare commended the police action.

During the June 2000 elections in Zimbabwe, MDC campaigners and other citizens took advantage of the internet and email to promote and disseminate
the aims and objectives of the Movement for Democratic Change. This strategy ran alongside the traditional campaigning of talks, meetings, rallies and word of mouth. Whilst the ruling party used a variety of campaign strategies
from old-fashioned intimidation to exploiting their control of the print and broadcast media, the MDC had no o...read more

Zimbabwe's domestic debt, on a downward trend earlier this year, has risen dramatically to more than $180 billion or nearly the entire national budget for this financial year, according to statistics released by the central bank this week.