Media inadequately covered the Masvingo mayoral elections. The Zimbabwe Independent and The Zimbabwe Mirror (11/5) had no story on the event while The Daily News and The Financial Gazette failed to inform its readers about important electoral issues. However, the Daily News provided the most comprehensive and impartial coverage of the pre-election violence. The state media put on a partisan performance, preferring to urge the public to vote Zanu PF. This message was supported by the prominent...read more

Zimbabwe's beleaguered opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has been forced to take much of its political activity "underground" to avoid the violence of a government widening its net of repression and terror to attack diplomats and aid workers.

Harare Central Hospital had run out of essential drugs, resulting in patient deaths, especially among infants, the hospital's superintendent, Dr Chris Tapfumaneyi, was quoted as saying in the 'Daily News' on Friday. The hospital serves the majority of patients from poor and working class families. Children under five are treated free of charge at the hospital.

Representatives of several powerful international media associations were told by top government officials on Thursday that Zimbabwe's independent media must expect violence for "provoking" supporters of President Robert Mugabe's regime, SAPA-DPA reported. The five-member delegation of the Co-ordinating Committee of Press Freedom Organisations were quoted as saying that senior officials in Mugabe's information ministry warned it was "understandable" that journalists who were seen as supportin...read more

A judge who struck down three ruling party election victories on the grounds they were tainted by violence resigned from the nation's High Court, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday, quoting judicial officials. Judge James Devittie's decision came days after ruling party militants accused him of bias in favour of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).