The current wave of urban violence received prominent coverage in the electronic media as well as in the private press although interpretations varied significantly in both these media. The state media has been careful to present the war veterans activities as legitimate forms of labour arbitration while the private press has chronicled allegations of threats, intimidations and attacks levelled against the war veterans in their arbitrations. However, the labour reports were supplanted by repo...read more

Western diplomats and members of non-governmental organisations met on Thursday to discuss tightening their security after reports that Zimbabwean war veterans were planning to raid foreign missions suspected of funding or supporting the opposition, AFP reported.

Please advise us of the existing options for NGO funding within Kabissa. Our very much needed programme campaign for reading culture suffers greatly from under capitalisation of programme activities. Please reply soonest.

OUR REPLY: Kabissa is not a funding organisation. We're glad to provide you with space on the Kabissa site to promote your programmes. This is what Kabissa membership is for. You may want send a submission to the Kabissa-fahamu Newsletter, which is widely distributed ...read more

Zimbabwe Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has dismissed reports that President Robert Mugabe's governing party has suffered a setback in the High Court. The court nullified the result of last year's election in two constituencies on Thursday, including one contested and lost by the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Monday 16 April to Sunday 22 April 2001. The government’s campaign to encourage Zimbabweans to celebrate Independence Day – and the event itself - dominated the state-owned media in the week. Zimpapers and the ZBC both quoted government officials and sympathetic analysts as interpreting the enthusiastic response as an expression of the people’s faith in the President, the ruling party and the government’s fast-track land seizures.