The Zimbabwe government will not accept the report of the International Bar
Association (IBA) following its recent inquiry into the independence of the
judiciary, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt. A spokesman said whatever
the findings of the IBA, the team had already demonstrated that it was
partial by refusing to consult all stakeholders on the issue of the
judiciary. One of the team's members compared Zimbabwe's fasttrack land grab
to apartheid policies.

We needed a short survey of Zimbabwean political development which is accessible to a wide range of people and this book answers that need. Starting with the premise that genuine democracy depends on the growth of civil society structures, it shows how these were systematicly stifled by ZANU PF in the 1980's. Then, in the 1990's, in response to the effects of structural adjustment, they gradually emerged, with the trade unions leading the way. Demands for a new constitution by the umbrella Na...read more

Unions representing Zimbabwean journalists this week condemned a death threat allegedly made by a war veteran leader against a reporter on a financial newspaper.

The chair of a Zimbabwean parliamentary committee on broadcasting rules has accused ruling Zanu-PF members of flouting free speech rights in a raft of new laws to govern public broadcasting in the country.