Leading human rights organisations including Crisis Coalition, Zimrights and the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights have expressed their utter sense of shock at this latest development.

Mugabe’s poor execution of the redistribution of farmland to the black majority left African farmers unable to provide for the needs of the population. With imposed sanctions, a Western ban and a questionable business philosophy can the man who has brought the country to its knees really be the best option for chairman of the African Union?

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It is remarkable that an organisation like the African Union, supposedly committed to values such as democracy, economic development and human rights – not to mention gender equality – can choose someone like Mugabe as its figurehead, given Mugabe’s patchy record in these areas. He is a symbol of the AU's hypocrisy.


The debate around how to deal with Zimbabwe’s violent past is currently dominated by the transitional justice model and the human rights discourse which accompanies it. But an analysis of the country’s history as well as its present moment presents different ways of considering ideas of justice and healing – ways that may be better suited to Zimbabwe’s particular circumstances.

President Mugabe’s wife has been concealing a crime, which itself is illegal in line with Zimbabwean laws. If the allegations are true, she should divulge the names of the culprits to facilitate investigations.