The continued persecution of LGBT persons and the government’s intolerance of Zimbabwe’s sexual and gender minorities violates basic rights guaranteed by the constitution and international law. The state must stop wasting time and resources suppressing an essentially private issue

Zimbabwe’s gay community expresses solidarity with their counterparts in Nigeria where President Goodluck Jonathan signed a stringent bill into law in January outlawing same-sex sexual relationships. Solidarity among gay movements across Africa is critical in challenging state-instigated violence


It remains to be seen whether MDC would have won the 2013 elections if no rigging had taken place. What would you have voted if you had been that communal dweller who had received a fertile piece of land; if your small mine claim had just been registered; if your small business was gradually getting off the ground; if you had just received U$1,500 dollars at the tobacco auction; if you had been struggling with corrupt MDC council officials about a plot for your house; if …?

Robert Mugabe is on a twin mission to challenge Western neo-colonial quests in Zimbabwe and to continue the indigenization of the country’s economy at all costs. For these reasons it is unlikely he will retire from politics in 2018

It is manifestly impossible to hold free and fair elections anywhere in Africa. And Nigerians should brace themselves for 2015. Progressive forces should vigorously demand fundamental electoral reforms