Sources say the peacekeepers are struggling with equipment problems, poor training of some contingents and the reluctance by some governments to send their soldiers into combat zones

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete is an enthusiastic supporter of Monsanto, but now pressure is mounting on his government to reject GMO technologies as solutions to end hunger


Walter was an institution. He left a huge shadow on the left, on the African left, and in Tanzania itself. His own learning and foundation were laid in the east African nation

As the fate of over 66,000 Maasai families continues to hang in the balance over a government decision to declare village lands in Loliondo as a ‘Game Controlled Area’, Minority Rights Group International (MRG) urges the government of Tanzania to halt the decision.

For the international community and the government of Tanzania, closing Mtabila Camp and emptying it of refugees might make it look like the problem has been solved, but in reality it has only displaced or dispersed it to Burundi and elsewhere in the region