Public outrage over the exorbitant prices of HIV/AIDS drugs in Africa is focussing public attention on the harmful role of global patent rules in blocking poor people's access to vital medicines. In response to mounting public pressure, World Trade Organisation (WTO) members have taken an unprecedented step in agreeing to hold a special meeting to discuss the impact of global patent rules on access to medicines. They will meet on 20 June at the WTO in Geneva.

No place is ever perfect but Morocco offers an interesting model for how the internet and telecoms can be developed if a strategic plan is in place. It is seeking to use the internet to compete more effectively in the global economy, grow employment opportunities and to slow down the drain of skilled workers to Europe. Najat Rochdi describes how the country has approached the task.

The European Convention on Human Rights of 1950 established the most effective international system of human rights protection which has yet been invented. This is the first book that gives a comprehensive account of how it came into existence, of the part played in its genesis by the British government.

Zambia's Drug Enforcement Commission said Friday it had arrested three senior managers of one of the country's largest banks, who have allegedly been involved in money laundering, fraud and corruption.

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