The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers will launch its 450-page report 'Global Report on Child Soldiers 2001' on 12 June. The first-ever survey of its type documents military recruitment by government armed forces, paramilitaries and non-state armed groups in 180 countries.

Composer/Producer Paul Anderson has been running 2 internet music stations dedicated to getting people focused on the crisis of Slavery in Africa.
Paul hopes to hear from organizations that are making legitimate efforts to end this situation, and to prevent it from being so low on America's foreign policy agenda. "People have to be shown that Slavery is not a thing of the past! In the hearts,and minds of all that will listen, I hope our efforts will make have an impact!"

Why don't African markets operate as economics textbooks tell us they should? How do long-term trading relationships and business networks get established in the absence of enforceable legal redress against fly-by-night tricksters?

The United Kingdom has announced that it will contribute 75 million pounds -- about $100 million -- to the U.N.'s global fund to fight HIV/AIDS in the developing world, the Guardian reports. Britain's contribution is smaller than the United States' $200 million allocation, but it represents a greater proportion of the country's gross domestic product than the funding proposed by the Bush administration. However, since international contributions to the fund thus far have been "pitiful" -- more

Global Eye is a website designed for children which aims to raise awareness and develop understanding of global issues. The summer issue is now on line and in the primary section there is a focus on refugees. This site will give children and teachers many ideas for projects and activities.