Marking the International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination, Human Rights Watch called for an end to Caste-based discrimination around the world.

DATE: 17-18 MAY 2001
FEE: $399 per delegate. The fifth delegate attends free when five delegates from your organisation register for the conference at the same time.

At the beginning of the 21st century relations between business and non governmental organisations (NGOs) range from the strongly antagonistic to the surprisingly collaborative. But how and why are some companies collaborating with NGOs to promote sustainable development?

The World Trade Organisation wants to press Asian governments to commit to a new trade talks at the WTO ministerial meeting in Qatar in November. But most developing countries are opposed to a new trade round. They have not yet absorbed the demands on them made at the Uruguay Round.

Two years after Macpherson reported into the handling of the Stephen Lawrence case, the Institute of Race Relations reports that racial violence is becoming more serious and prevalent. Nineteen people have lost their lives in the UK in racially motivated attacks since February 1999. Increasingly, serious racial violence is being perpetrated against members of newly-arrived and asylum- seeker communities. Despite the fact that half of Macpherson's recommendations were about racial violence, more