Nkurunziza in campaign. Source: Alleastafrica

Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza has intensified his brutal campaign to stay in power by stifling international news reporting of his government’s repressive actions, events ahead of his controversial referendum to extend presidential term limits.

Peacekeeping deployments are essential to the U.S. and its Western allies’ interests, but they are also an economic opportunity for soldiers from the Global South and for troop contributing nations.


How serious is the political crisis in Burundi to warrant international armed intervention? Despite pressure from the West, the African Union last week decided not to send troops to the central African nation. But what the AU and everybody else won't discuss – at least openly - is the fact the crisis is the handiwork of external forces pushing for regime change in Bujumbura.


If 1965 consists of the first time in recorded history of contemporary Burundi that people lost their lives simply because of who they were ‘ethnically’ considered to be, 2015 is yet another moment in the post-colonial history of Burundi that people are losing their lives simply because of who they are ‘politically’ considered to be.


We, members of the Pan African Movement-East Africa together with the Global Pan African Movement make this call to the citizens of East Africa, all peace loving Africans globally and concerned citizens of the world to join together in this petition to mobilize our resources and empower our voices to demand immediate action to halt the deteriorating conditions in Burundi. There is an ongoing loss of life and a general disruption and breakdown of law, social cohesion and personal security fuel...read more